Raggin' Fridays

Yes ma'am! Welcome to Raggin' Fridays!


B) Aunt Flo, who came for a visit.
C) A do-rag.
D) A tea-bag.
E) That stuff you can take to make the cramps not so hurty and stuff.
F) A blood covered, big, fat cock.


GWiMMRN, FOCUS Aid Edition

I have found a koan that will bring you instant enlightenment and give you the ability to properly FOCUS instead of bitching about what I put in my mouth. This koan can be pictured thusly:

Happily, it has been in my mouth for some time.





A) Chocolate peanut-corn pudding


Conspiracy Theory Bump Day Edition of GWiMMRN

There's a lot you don't know, bub.


A) Loo chat.
B) Conspiracy Theory, with everyone's favorite anti-semite.
C) 77 hot Bavarian Cream Pies.
D) Paranoia the Destroya.
E) The fact that My Mouth is your only option left, which isn't really a conspiracy so much as a truism.
F) A really and truly disgusting MySpace profile which will be sure to prompt the Feds to close the Internet down for good.
G) My big, fat Greek wedding cock.


GWiMMRN, *brrrrrrrrrrp* Edition

To be in my mouth, or not to be in my mouth. That is the question:

A) The words, "I would just like to add that I just ate a whole shit load of whole wheat pasta and I have a lasting feeling of fullness. *frrpt*" which may be the meanest thing ever said on the internet
B) An ethereal, gossamer pubic hair lovingly plucked from the mons of an angel
C) Hot pie
D) Helen Thomas
E) Camel Toe
F) Caramel Toe
G) A burka
H) Tiny Tim's headstone, which I told my wife has a button on it that when pressed, plays his sickening falsetto of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" and she believed me
I) Tiny Tim's big, fat cock


UPDATE UPDATE: The answer may now be J) A MySpace Profile.


Don't Stop Thinking about My Mouth

It'll soon be here!


A) Something better than before.
B) Yesterday.
C) That time when I just went for it.
D) The ripple effect you get when you tickle the shriveled horse testicle looking Star Jones Reynolds.
E) A Presidential Pardon for all the sickening, disgusting, just plan awful things I've written on this website.
F) How Satan doesn't really take Presidential Pardons into consideration when thinking up a real good eternal torture for you.
G) Muh-muh-muh-hah-hah-hah-muh-muh-muh-mud A-aaa!aaali.
H) A big, fuh-fuh-fuh-fat cock.