GWiMMRN, The Movie

Shot on location in DEEPEST, DARKEST Africa is GWiMMRN's first movie:

GWiMMRN, The Movie

Oh! Canada! GWiMMRN, Edition

Back from my long trip to Canada (everything about me is loooong) and I have brought back many a delicious thing that you now have the pleasure to GWiMMRN:


A) The urinal with the least amount of piss on the floor.
B) Real, Honest-to-Goodness Quebecois Frogs.
C) Talcum powder to calm my itchy crotch.
D) Poutine, with MAN GRAVY.
E) A screaming sense of self-importance wrapped up in a belligerent cock-faced nano-sucking squeezeball.
F) Some amazing SMOKED MEATS from Schwartz's.
G) Niagara Falls lit up at night like some fruity candy-cane.
H) O boy! Another fucking gift shop! WEEEEEEE!
I) A maple syrup covered big, fat cock.

UPDATE: Ba ba ba ba baaaa! I'm lovin' it!