GWiMMRN, Pre-Thanksgiving Day Blasphemy Sunday Extra-Vaganza!

Don't doubt the awesome power of My Mouth. Don't doubt it for a second. And this Thanksgiving Day 2006, you will know the power of My Mouth because... because... because... because of all the wonderful things it does!


A) The Buddha's balls, all golden and glowing.
B) The Fart of the Century, which took place around 3:45 p.m. yesterday after a whole lot of spinach dip.
C) The Sacred Cow hidden in each McDonald's Big Mac.
D) Sod.
E) DoCtURd iNFIniTy! and his recent scifi-majikal trip to Uranus.
F) *ungh ungh ungh!* special sauce *whew*
G) A big fat winning cock.


Anonymous L. Buckingham said...


I've stopped thinking about tomorrow.

It never came.


It just never arrived.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Shar Jackson said...

KEVIN! Where my baby's diapers! Get yo ass back in here an lick my pussy! KEVIN!

10:39 AM  
Anonymous O.L.A.S.J.H.C. said...


It's time you went back to church and learned some manners!



Pardon me. I'm a little gassy after all that spinach dip.


Ugh. It feels like there's a balloon in my anus and it keeps getting puffier and puffier.


10:43 AM  

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