GWiMMRN, More Advice from the Furry Catballs Edition

More Mouthmail:

Dear Mouth:

There's a girl at my school that I really want to ask out on a date, but I'm afraid that she'll turn me down. She's very pretty and very nice, and she hangs out with all the popular kids. I'm not as popular. In fact, a lot of people call me a nerd. They also give me a lot of swirlies and trash-can rides. Sometimes...sometimes, I just want to kill myself. What should I do?

Depressed and Confused in Orange County


GWiMMRN, Ask the Furry Catballs for Advice Edition

I've returned from my unannounced hiatus to inform and delight you some more.

I get lots of Mouthmail, but I only have time to respond to a little of it. In-between putting things in my mouth, I have hired an individual to respond to all future mail. Here is a recent exchange:

Dear Mouth:

Should I quit my job at the law firm and live the life of a pianist the way I've always wanted? I think I can swing it financially, and it's always been a dream of mine to play the piano professionally. Should I go for it?


Big Pianist in Oconomowoc