Now I have to stuff it all back in my mouth! Keep guessing!

Guess What's in My Mouth Right Now, Hump Day Edition

Alright, you. I got something in my mouth. What is it? Huh?

A) Poison tipped dart from the Urundi-Bugundi Tribe of Subsaharan Africa.
B) Anger. Boiling fucking anger.
C) Two peach pits, neither from a peach I ate.
D) A loose filling.
E) The loose, drippy labia of Carmen Electra.
F) A skidmark pizza, covered in feta cheese.
G) A big, fat cock.


Guess What's in My Mouth Right Now, Terrible Tuesday

Guess What? I have something in my mouth right now! What is it? Can you guess what?

A) Feces a la Mode with Golden Shower Sauce.
B) Novocaine.
C) One thin strip of aluminum foil.
D) A copy of "I'm OK, You're OK," signed by Thomas Harris.
E) A copy of "Red Dragon," signed by Thomas Harris.
F) The passenger side airbag of Linsay Lohan's car.
G) A big, fat cock.


Guess What's in My Mouth Right Now, Manic Monday

Guess what's in my mouth right now? There's still time left on the clock!

A) Bangles bungholes.
B) Banana bread with nuts.
C) Bactine, because I spit hot fire.
D) Barbi's Corvette
E) Blood for oooiiiil.
F) A big, fat cock.


Guess What's in My Mouth Right Now, Sunday Bloody Sunday

Yesterday was WILD CARD day. It's when ANYTHING GOES.

Take the "guess what's in my mouth right now?" Sunday quiz! GWIMMRN, where everyone's a winner!

A) Aunt Flo's seepage shawl
B) Red, Red Wine
C) A Valentine's Day cupcake from 1994
D) A ketchup and mustard homeless hoagie
E) Vile, Vile Bile
F) Two magenta colored Crayola crayons, freshly sharpened
G) A big, fat cock