Fill Your Void with My Love

My Love is conditional upon you guessing what's in my mouth right now.


A) The usher who seated us at the classical music concert who had so many puffy boils all over his head he looked like Pinhead, except with puffy fleshy boils at the end of the pins.
B) Angie Hollister's Squeezeriffic Hamburger Juice.
C) Hello Kitty Meow-berry Pop-tarts.
D) Fun n' *spurrrrt* games.
E) Deja vu.
F) Denny's new Sperm N' Eggs Breakfast Combo.
G) OOO! That Smell! That smell that SURROUNDS YOU.
H) A big fat cock festival.


GWiMMRN, Gap Toothed M*thrF*ckr Edition

Dentistry is artistry!


A) An amalgam.
B) A steaming pile.
C) Some gap toothed S.O.B. smilin' and grinnin' like he's not got a care in the world.
D) Excuses, excuses, excuses.
E) *FRP*
F) *BFC*


GWiMMRN, Lentil Soup with Crushed Fucknuts Edition

I hope it's okay that I say, "Go fuck yourself."

I'm sorry if I offended anyone.

Anyone, that is, except for those non-Focusing Bahstahn fuckwahds, that is.

Oh, never mind. Just Guess:

A) A hastily written hand-made sign hanging in someone's pahking garage that says, "Welcome back, ASSHOLE."
B) Some momentary confusion and then some anger.
C) The hair down there, not mine.
D) A crater where my filling used to be.
E) Crags.
F) Hags with shags.
G) An 8 second long belch.
H) A big fat cock.