GWiMMRN, Post-Halloween Discount Blood Bath Edition

Nothing but guts, gore, and glory here at Casa de Mouth. Guess what post-halloween treat is tricking in My Mouth right now:

A) Type AB blood with plenty of clumps.
B) The guy in the stall of the workplace "rest"room who was obviously typing on some-sort of laptop computer.
C) *iehh!* *taptaptap tap* *iiieeeehhh!!* *taptap tap* *beep!* *tap* *iieeehhh* *taptap*
D) A new post on this blog.
E) Gore.
F) A dog with multiple big fat teats.
G) Luscious before and after photos.
H) A biiiiig faaaaaat cooooock.


The Current Culture of Curruption

We live in a Culture of Curruption.

To escape, GWiMMRN:

A) Nancy Pelosi, that luscious eye-talian grandmother.
B) Curruption.
C) A strong desire for vending machine coffee.
D) A heaping second helping of shit-tastic apple cream pie a la mode.
E) Eeyore, that fucking stuffed donkey.
F) Beefcake a la mode.
G) Tara Reid a la mode.
H) A big fat $#@!.


GWiMMRN, Soapy Banana Edition


A) Half a peeled banana that fell into the sink and onto a cookie sheet that was soaking in a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid.
B) The admonishment expressed by my wife at my refusal to just "wash it off and eat it."
C) The reasoning that we eat off of plates that have been washed in dishwashing liquid, so why not eat a peeled banana that was washed in dishwashing liquid.
D) Incredulity and a blank stare.
E) That my wife picked up the soapy banana, ran some water over it, and put it on the cutting board for later consuption.
F) My refusal to eat it, even though I was supposedly acting "unreasonably."
G) A big fat soapy banana cock.

GWiMMRN, Daylight Savings Time Edition

Spring forward into FOCUS. Don't fall back into your old, non-FOCUSing ways.



A) A sliced off cow's udder repurposed as a condom for a midget
B) Regis Philbin *ssssspurrrrrtttt!*
C) All of the space-time continuum
D) John "Loafpinchy" Wayne's red, abused poop-scheute
E) :)
F) Hot snow
G) Seventy-seven hot, fresh, apple pies, but not for the fat kid's younger brother
H) Candy corn
I) A big, fat cock-a-leekie