TIVO My Mouth

Miss your favorite television program? Does your carrr smell like frrruit? VCR on the fritz?

Even if you miss what's in my mouth right now, click here and follow the instructions to TIVO it and guess later.

A) Cherries jubilee.
B) Simon Phoenix, the 21st century's most ruthless criminal.
C) Bloody semen.
D) Bloody seamen.
E) On-line sperm bank.
F) A big, fat seaman's cock.

UPDATE: ungh ungh ungh!

UPDATE: The answer is not G) The Hubble Telescope. Right now, the Hubble Telescope is up Cherie Booth's arse, along with a Maserati and Lola's favorite jewelry. So, the answer can't possibly be Letter G.

Keep trying!


Anonymous Corporal "Radar" O'Reilly said...

What the fuck is wrong with you people? This is sick sick sick!

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it may be really late in the evening, but that bloody semen is lookin' goo-ood.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous All the birdies in your pillow said...

tweet tweet tweet!

4:07 AM  
Anonymous all the Danes ejaculating on your tweeting pillow said...

tweet tweet ungh!

4:22 AM  
Anonymous c. booth said...

At least get the Maserati out of there, if you would.


11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Toodlepip, motherfuckers!

3:53 PM  

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