Can you believe what's in my mouth right now? Can you guess, at least?

A) A quart of cunny juice tenderly milked from Mrs. Claus
B) Ten lbs. of shit in a five lb. bag
C) A big plate of chili-cheese Thomas Fries and a tallboy of spooch
D) Snails on nails
E) lola's dissertation, repurposed as the food-caked, spit-splattered bib regularly worn at mealtimes by this surprised looking turd
F) The big, fat cock belonging to the model for Star Jones' gold-plated dildo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Letter D sounds like a great whores-de-vore for a wedding. Then, you can cut the hot dog wedding cake. Then, have some Thomas Fries and be done with it.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Jolly St. Nick (and now you know why I'm jolly) said...

Mrs. Claus wouldn't hurt a fly, but she can squirt out vaginal juices like nobody's business.

10:27 AM  
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