I Have Declared Today a Holiday...

The holiday where I put things in my mouth! It's better than Christmas! What may be in there right now, I wonder...

A) Campbell's Cat Shit and Noodle Soup
B) Edward's cheque, repurposed as a wad of faux chewing tobacco
C) Silvio Berlusconi's body fat
D) Chunky peanut butter
E) Yog-Sothoth
F) A tiny little cat penis (caution --extremely cute picture)


Anonymous teensy weensy cutesy cat peepee said...

Happy Holidays!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Y. Sothoth said...

Even I, an Elder God, am offended by this website. Greath Cthulhu is upchucking down his front as we speak.

For the love of all that's unholy, please stop.

1:38 PM  

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