Time Has Come Today

TIME! ticktockticktock TIME! tick tock tick... tock ... TIME!


A) A frog log.
B) A t.v. time-out.
C) Isabella Rosellini, every gravy covered inch of her.
D) A finger puppet of Tara Reid, covered in condiments.
E) Cat-sup.
F) A big, fat cock, covered in 調味肉汁 (tiao wei rou zhi, muthafukka).

UPDATE: The answer may now include G) Yellow Soup with Foam on Top, speciar fol Yankee dog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE Yellow Soup!

Extra foam for me!!

2:09 PM  
Anonymous I. Rosellini said...

It is turkey gravy that I am covered in.



2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't care for frog legs.

Frog logs, on the other hand...

3:06 PM  

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