Unghunghungh, unghunghungh, ungh ungh ungh ungh uuuuuuungh!

Dashing through the snow! Trundling down the street!

Ungh Ungh Ungh!

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Guess what's in my moooouuuuth! Oh what fun it is to guess, guess what's in my mouth!

A) UNGH!UNGH!SabineUNGHUNGHUNGH!EhrenUNGH!feldungh... oh yeah.
B) Mistletoejam.
C) ICBMs, AKA Intercontinental Bowel Movements from plane food weary travelers.
D) Sabine again.
E) Slick advertising.
F) A big, fat cock with Sabine's juices flowing ALL OVER IT.


Blogger The REAL Mark Harmon said...

I love you Sabine, you cock hungry whore!

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll never listen to "Jingle Bells" in quite the same way again.

3:54 PM  
Anonymous S. Ehrenfeld said...

You're a total faggot, Mark Harmon. I'll never marry you.


3:56 PM  
Blogger Michele said...

Hey, I LIKE Mark Harmon....not the doppleganger though.

I chose...hmmmm, C sounds quite explosive..with a chaser of E.
Spin Doctors at their best taste the worst...but mixed with B could come across as F.

Your mouth is busy !!!

6:14 PM  
Blogger The REAL Mark Harmon said...

I am no phantom! I am the REAL Mark Harmon! Sickos!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

LOL, I dissagree. The REAL Mark wouldn't use the term "Sickos".

For true outrage, you must be outrageous!!

My Mouth is king.

1:55 PM  

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