Thems That Got Ears, Hear What I'm Chewing

Thems that got eyes, guess what's in my mouth right now!

A) Bits of bloody rectal tissue from when Reese Witherspoon roughly treated me with her scissor strap-on.
B) A Shakey Colon, made from mixing 1 part Vermouth, 2 parts gin, and 1 throughly melted Ex-Lax packet.
C) Scrambled porn on channel 92.
D) The forced sincerity in the moans of a Taiwanese street hooker.
E) Cris-TAHL.
F) Lola's low hanging jubbblies.
G) A big, fat strap-on cock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'll have a Shakey Colon with a spooch chaser!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Bartender said...

You'll get a scissor strap-on and LIKE IT.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Licky-Dicky Sue, Taiwanese Streetwalker said...

Oh, oh Joe! You so BIIIG, Joe! You sprit me in two with your huge manhood! Give it to me, oh yeah! You make me so hoooorny!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh. Is there a way to gently treat someone with a scissor strap-on? That's even worse than the "bitten-off receptacle tip of a used condom" option from before. You've definitely hit a new low.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous john said...

Oh licky-dicky! come back! I still love you!

2:44 PM  

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