During Blogger's Scheduled Outage, I Plan to Put Things in My Mouth

It's important that I reassure you in these dark times, isn't it? I won't leave you. I'm always with you, putting the finest things imaginable into my mouth. Don't thank me, just guess what's in my mouth right now:

A) George Gillespie's lawsuit
B) The cold sweat Eugene's Wife has undoubtedly broken into
C) Dr. Phil's new book, 1001 Reasons Why You Should SUCK MY DICK
D) An immensely satisfying dump, taken on a broken fax machine
E) A catastrophically shat-in pair of Levis, so soiled and dirty that not even an abysmally retarded homeless man would wear them on the coldest day of the year in Minneapolis
F) The smell of popcorn
G) This guy's big, fat cock, adorned with oh so adorable wispy hairs...


Anonymous S. Alito said...

Hey! Any-a-body want-a pizza pie? How about-a nice-a spaghetti? Huh?

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Frankensuckcock, Esq. said...

Cyber thuggery should not be tolerated, ever.

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you fax a dump? Wow. The implications!

1:29 PM  
Anonymous S. Alito said...

Take-a good-a look at my-a hair! It's adorable! So, how about-a nice cannoli, then, huh? What-a you say? Where is Isabella Rossini? Where is she?

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Phil said...

Read the book and follow the instructions.

Your mental health and my penis demand it.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mental health demands that I not suck any more cocks.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Phil said...

That's stinkin' thinkin'. Do the right thing for yourself and for your family, and slob my knob.

That's good. On your knees right there. Oh, yeah. Now...now unzip my fly. That's right. Take it out and suck it. Yeah. Nice. Ohhhh.

Oh boy.






ungh ungh ungh


Don't you feel better? I sure do.

3:52 PM  

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