I've Got Your New Year's Resolution Right Here

That's right. Stuffing stuff in there like there is NO tomorrow. Go on, and stuff yourself silly.

Before you do, guh-guh-guess what's in my mouth right now!

A) A cell phone.
B) Double-Beat Loaf.
C) Death and destruction after 50 hours of marriage.
D) A Cheese Doodle canoodled from the corner of Ashley Hartman's box.
E) Shifty McPenis' fat, greasy, green milk-shake.
F) A big, fat grease-filled cock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question: does Ashley Hartman have orange powder around her labia if her snatch has been eating Cheese Doodles?

9:35 AM  
Anonymous H. Thomas said...

I'M the only one that eats junk food in her twat around HERE! And don't you forget it!

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Blue Springs, MO. Woman said...

*ghaal* *ghaal* *ghaal* I'm choking on a big fat cellphone.

*grgl* Someone call the local McDonald's and have the employee take off all of her clothes and do jumping jacks! *choke* You can dial through my esophagus. *ghhhhaaaaaal*

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*beep* *beep* *boop* hello? 911? i have a *beep* *boop* *beep* cell *beep* *boop* phone *boop* *beep* in my *beep* throat *boop* what's that *beep* beeping sound? *boop* *beep* It's a *beep* *boop* call for *boop* *beep* *beep* help

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Blue Springs, MO. Woman's Boyfriend said...

That'll teach you to be on the phone all day, bitch. After you've swallowed the phone, I've got a chorizo for you to work on, OH YEAH.

11:28 AM  
Blogger flapflapflapflap said...

Flapflapflapflap = F.L.A.P.

Flapflapflap, flapflapflapflap.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous The Voice on the Phone said...

Take off the apron, you shoplifting, cellphone-swallowing little strumpet, you.

6:27 AM  

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