My Mouth Is Still Going Strong!

I can't wait until Thanksgiving, when I can cram all manner of great things into my mouth: Indians, cornbread, uncooked turkey giblets, a quart of country gravy, etc. Seeing as it's a few weeks away, I still have to find something to put in my mouth. What wonderful thing have I placed in there now?

A) Llama spit
B) A butter and dogshit omelette
C) Huge, yellow chunks of pulpy ass cheese
D) Amazon.com
E) A peach pit (the individual who ate the peach will be revealed in a future edition of GWiMMRN)
F) The disease-ridden saliva covering the horribly misshapen teeth of the person depicted here (caution --extremely delicious picture)
G) A rice krispies treat
H) A big, fat cock (the individual to whom this cock belongs may be revealed in a future edition of GWiMMRN)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how could you POSSIBLY have eaten the rice krispies treat with the teeth depicted in Letter F? It's like Afghanistan in there! My goodness! You'd need to knock the whole thing out and start from scratch!

And how did it get that bad? I mean, if you saw what was going on when it was half as bad, wouldn't you have done something about it? What's wrong with you? Haven't you ever heard of toothpaste? Floss wouldn't be enough! You'd have to use the thick rope they use to tie down ships to the dock to fork out the plaque and stuff festooned in there.

I mean, my goodness.

What's wrong with you?

4:38 PM  
Blogger My Mouth said...

Pulpy ass cheese is easy to eat with teeth like that, you know. You just...gum it. It's soft.

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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