Wet and Wooly Wednesday After Lunch Nap Edition

*yawn* *OW!* Boy, is My Mouth sore! I've been cramming things in there like there's no tomorrow!

Before my after lunch nap, and whilst I yawn, please take a moment and tell me what's going on in There:

A) A dollop of sweat from the lowest portion of D'angelo's tummy fat roll.
B) Sheryl Swoopes' gay labia.
C) Raquel Welch's toned snatch.
D) An impassioned WHAAAAAAGH! from seeing Penelope Ann Miller stretch out on the bed during the movie The Shadow.
E) A photoshopped picture of Michelle Malkin's kung fu hustled pubes.
F) A photoshopped picture of a big, fat cock, made to look much larger than it could possibly be.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Penelope Ann Miller is a man.

So is Sheryl Swoopes.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Tom Cruise said...

There's nothing gay about MY labia.

1:38 PM  

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