Midterm Exam Time for My Mouth

Alright, folks! All books and notes away... take out your electronic pencils and mark the letter that best answers the question.

1. What's in my mouth right now?

A) Puke drenched extended DVD of that dog-turd of a movie "Gone in 60 Seconds."
B) The sexually cracked lower lip of Angelina Jolie.
C) Jodie Foster's gay labia.
D) Star Wars Pop Tarts
E) Candy apples wrapped in razor-blades.
F) Sucrets.
G) An exact, real-size replica of a big, fat cock (you can't tell the difference).

O.K.! Pencils down! Hand in your test!

Your Score ________________


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The exact, real-size replica of a big, fat cock caused me to experience the LAVA BERRY EXPLOSION with Wildberry filling.

The replica may have belonged to Darth Vader.

What's my score?

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will hand the tests back next Wednesday.

For now, wipe the LAVABERRY EXPLOSION off your face mask, Lord Vader.

10:00 AM  

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