Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend IN MY MOUTH

Yay for Saturday! On Saturday, I can put something in my mouth! What have I put in there this time?

A) Marlee Matlin's eardrums
B) One of those faggy little cars that Sulu undoubtedly drives
C) Sulu's much-abused pooooooooooop shoooooooooooot
D) Bouncy, flouncy otter balls
E) Asshole bruschetta with roasted garlic spread
F) The nibbled-off fingernails of Macaulay Culkin before his first sleepover with Michael Jackson
G) Sulu's big, fat cock


Blogger My Mouth said...

To answer Francine from Northpointe, Wales:

No, the answer is not H) The nibbled off penis from beneathe the bouncy, flouncy otter balls.

Keep guessing!

10:36 AM  

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